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July 26, 2007
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One of the things that were brought up at the meeting was the problem with writing posts and comments on the site. I took some time to check on it’s settings and happy to say that everything is operational now. Please shoot me an email at [sergei] @at@ [redleafsoft_dot_com] if you are still having problems.

July 24, 2007
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Which is tomorrow.

I will have some Rails books with me to show and talk about, so, that would be a good way to spot us.

See you there!

July 15, 2007
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Rails Cookbook CoverHi! Since we have not gotten much of a response, Jan and myself decided to pick a date about two weeks in advance so everybody can make it.

We picked Pub and Brewery for the meeting, for it’s friendly atmosphere, location and good tasting beer. The plan is to meet everybody in person and shake hands and see what topics are attracting most of the interest.

We are going to raffle Rails Cookbook we received from O’Reilly.

See everybody there!